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School Assemblies

Ben pulls from his vast library of stories to match the needs and interests of students of every grade and community.


“You were able to mesmerize over 350 children. I heard most about the Troll. They thought he seemed so real! Your voices, mannerisms, singing and dancing were all great! Our principal wanted you to know you were the best assembly we’ve had all year." 

Jill Platts, Seven Oaks (Primary School) PTA, Eagle, Idaho


“Ben’s lively acting skills help English language learners understand and enjoy the stories while the script and delivery is also rich and amusing for native speakers. Book him. You can’t go wrong.”

Kurt Kahlenbeck, Vice Principal, Shanghai Community International School


By the end of the story even the most jaded and street-hardened students were smiling broadly and fully engaged for they had been taken by surprise…I believe you’ll see what I mean, when you experience Ben Kemper telling one of his stories.”

Bill Mettler, The Quiet Riot, Storytellers


"I used to want to be a rapper. Now I want to be a storyteller." 

3rd grader, Hangzhou International School, China

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