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Storytelling Festivals


There are no better audiences than those found at storytelling festivals. The magic that develops between a teller and a fully responsive audience is a wonderful thing. Ben has been hooked on telling at festivals since his opening story at the 2007 National Story Night in Jonesborough, Tennessee. 


Festival goers quickly see that there is something special in Ben’s style of telling. For many, if not most, Ben has become an instant favorite. College and his acting career have kept him off the circuit for the past few years. He can’t wait to return.


Ben’s story sets can match the needs of any festival:

  • Comedy Sets

  • Suspense Sets

  • Historical Story Sets

  • Personal Insight Sets

  • An Arc of Stories Set (From Ha Ha, to Ah-Hah, to Aahh)


Selected Festival Appearances 

  • National Storytelling Festival*, Jonesborough, TN

  • Timpanogos Storytelling Festival*, Orem, UT

  • Smoky Mountain Storytelling Festival*, Pigeon Forge, TN

  • The Side Project Storytelling Festival, Chicago, IL

                            * Featured Youth Teller
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